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Amazing OITNB illustrations by starfleetbabe

I love comparing trailers in different countries...

American BH6 trailer: Aha! Funny robot and boy shenanigans! Bad guys! Action! Comic relief! Fall out boy music! HAHAHA LOOK HE'S LOW ON BATTERIES HOW AMUSING! Humour what a fun movie! This will be great! Yay~!
Japanese trailer: Okay so we'll start it with a funeral. :I

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Prince George’s First Royal Tour

Baby Boy Georges is my new idol ♥

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final fantasy series: main titles
> choose your p o i s o n <

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Alphonse Elric’s first word was ‘brother’ I will fight u on this


Baku + Zidane (FFIX) | みどりべ


Baku + Zidane (FFIX) みどりべ




Since I’m in the genderbend obsession, why not with one of my favorite disney girls? :)

He still looks too feminine to me, but I tried -q

I felt like I couldn’t change quasimodo that much…

so hot so hhot sohohjohooot

OH NO HE’S HOT!!!!!!


Bless whoever looked at a picture of two mountains and thought of this.


Bless whoever looked at a picture of two mountains and thought of this.

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i can’t wait until october when there’s no sun outside and everything is cute colors and it’s cold and there are terrible horror movies on tv, my power is at its peak then

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Another Roy/Ed tag request


Can someone write me a post-series Roy/Ed (either series, I don’t care) where Ed ends up taller than Roy?

I know I could write this myself, but I want to see what others do with it.

If you want to do it as a gift fic my AO3 is SailorTralfamadore90.